Putting words to the wonder

I Believe

Frederick Buechner turned my heart  to Jesus. His books moved me then to read about God; and they move me now to write about Him.

What better way to launch this blog than by quoting from the man himself:


“I this dark world where you and I see so little because of our unrecognizing eyes, he, whose eye is on the sparrow, sees each one of us as the child in red.

And I believe that because he sees us, not even in the darkness of death are we lost to him or lost to each other.

I believe that whether we recognize him or not, or believe in him or not, or even know his name, again and again he comes and walks a little way with us along whatever road we’re following.

And I believe that through something that happens to us, or something we see, or somebody we know – who can ever guess how or when or where? – he offers us, the way he did at Emmaus, the bread of life, offers us a new hope, a new vision of light that not even the dark world can overcome.”

from  Secrets in the Dark / Frederick Buechner


Does this ring true for you?

Why, why not?