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Condemned He Remains Silent

He has no need for words
His life spoke for him.
His entire life is the answer to questions.
He set out to witness the love and justice of God to all creation.
He chose people over convention every time: He cured on the Sabbath, mixed with foreigners, talked of God to women and played with children.

His attempts to build a better world threatened the establishment . . and they killed him for it.
At this first station we are reminded that the goal in life is not to avoid condemnation. No one does. Life’s great challenge is simply to decide who will condemn us and why. If we were better people, perhaps we would be condemned more often.

…Do not fear people’s taunts,
do not be alarmed by their insults,
for the moth will eat them like clothing
the grub will devour them like wool;
but my saving justice will last forever
and my salvation for all generations.
Isaiah 51:7-8

If Jesus Christ were to come today, people would not even crucify him. They would ask him to dinner and hear what he has to say and make fun of him. Thomas Carlyle

Song: “Testify to Love,” performed by Avalon

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