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Stations of the Cross # 4- Jesus Meets His Mother

Jesus Meets His Mother

and going into the house they saw the
child with his mother Mary, and
falling to their knees they did him homage.
Matthew 2:1
You half hoped she wouldn’t be there and yet you knew she would.
You hated to see her suffer, but you needed her support, didn’t you Lord? It wasn’t that she could do much. It was just her presence, that look of anguish and understanding and love. It helped you to forget about the others who had let you down.
Jesus, I’ve been one of the ones who let you down. In church I sing out that I love you — in safety with a select few. But on the city streets or seated in a conference room at work, I hear myself say, “I do not know him.”
Lord, the next time you look towards me, help me to return your glance and not look away.
We must learn how to bring the gift of consolation to the Christ in those around us. Whenever we do this, we will be consoling God himself. To console God, or to hurt him deeply: what a power we have. What a responsibility.
Catherine Doherty

Art: Nativity, by de La Tour
Song: “Christ’s Lullabye,” performed by Kathy Mattea

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