Putting words to the wonder

A Patchwork

AdeleAlys Spil’s faith life has always been a patchwork.
10690315_791996007574402_269071481369767210_nThe daughter of a Lutheran minister and a Catholic college professor, she was raised Episcopalian, attended a Moravian High School and a Quaker College, Guilford, where she met and married her husband, Gabriel. To please her in-laws, who are Jewish, she delved deeply into their faith during each of her pregnancies….learning to read the Bible like a love letter…pondering why a particular word was chosen…where else that phrase was used…and what it’s repetition might mean. The more she studied,the more she understood about Jesus and saw the common ground between the Old and the New Testaments. “It popped my spiritual ears,” she said, “in a way I could never go back from.”
A part time Librarian and avowed word woman, AdeleAlys in passionate about books , Bible Study (“it stirs me to walk out what I say I believe”), her husband Gabriel (a cancer survivor), her children (furry and otherwise) ,and grandchildren. AdeleAlys resides in Charlotte NC.

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